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Este pavimento vitreo desarrollado absorbe y almacena energía luminosa cuando es expuesto a luz, bien sea natural o artificial (fluorescente, ultravioleta, halógena).

This developed glass paving absorbs and stores luminous energy when exposed to light, whether natural or artificial (fluorescent, ultraviolet, halogen). Once charged, it releases the absorbed energy gradually and continuously in the form of green, blue or violet light, depending on the model selected.

It does not require batteries or supplementary power supplies: it recharges completely in a few minutes when exposed to light. The charging time will depend on the type of light to which it is exposed: ultraviolet light will make it glow immediately and with hardly any charging time; sunlight will charge the material quickly and provide a high emission intensity and exposure to fluorescent or halogen light will require a few extra minutes of exposure to absorb the energy. Emission time can be up to 12 hours.

It is a highly weather resistant mosaic and therefore suitable for all kinds of applications. It opens up a new world of possibilities, creating original and surprising visual effects.

It is a HISBALIT product and is called STARLIGHT MOSAIC.