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Colour is fundamental in the food industry because it represents a quality index: for example, in the case of fresh products, such as fruit and vegetables, variations in colour detect food degradation and loss of quality. It also anticipates and provides sensations of other sensory properties, such as smell and taste.

Colourimetry, in addition to the important contributions to the perspective of the way of consumption, is also capable of providing information of high value to the production process since thanks to it, it is possible to measure other aspects such as the toasting of biscuits, the curing of ham, the ripeness of grapes, the pigmentation of egg yolks, the classification of shells, the freshness of fish, the oxidation of oil, the humidity of grain, the sanitary state of olives, the classification of meat or the antioxidants in the red colour of tomatoes..

This industry has a great ally in optical devices that are also capable of detecting residues or unwanted contaminants , thus reducing waste and other production costs.

At Fotoglass we develop customised methodologies and systems, and we solve complex inspectionand control cases, through bio-optical methods, to guarantee quality in the food industry.